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battery maintenance

Battery maintenance contracts

Regular maintenance can help minimise breakdowns and downtime. We can provide scheduled maintenance programs to suit your needs, where you pay a fixed amount per month to cover maintenance costs, making budgeting easier. With over 12 years of experience in this field, we offer specialist battery services that not only increase the life of your battery, but also save you money by identifying minor issues before they escalate. Contact PB Battery Technical Services Ltd if you need expert battery maintenance in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Our battery maintenance includes

  • Cleaning of the case free of dirt and grime
  • Inspect of terminals, screws, clamps and cables for breakage or loose connections
  • Check electrolyte levels and top-up if necessary
  • Test battery using hydrometer or voltmeter
  • Specific gravity test
removal of dirt around the battery
If you are looking for a regular battery maintenance then look no further, call PB Battery Technical Services Ltd on
0114 283 8784
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