Battery Top Ups

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Battery top-ups and battery repairs

battery top-up and filling system

Battery top-up and filling systems

We stock and supply battery electrolyte and de-ionised water. We supply de-ionised water in 25 litre drums which are delivered free of charge in Sheffield. We offer battery filling systems to ensure that a battery is topped up to the correct level, avoiding unnecessary repairs or failure. If you need assistance with topping up, our technicians will be happy to top up the fluids for you. Contact PB Battery Technical Services Ltd if you are looking for battery top up in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Expert battery repair

Our engineers will aim to repair a battery or charger where possible, provided that it is economical to do so. Often your battery may have a few faulty cells which we can identify and replace rather than replacing the complete battery. We may be able to repair your battery or charger on your premises, minimising expense and downtime. We may also be able to loan you a charger whilst yours is being repaired if it cannot be repaired or replaced immediately.
battery being repaired by an expert
If you are looking for battery top up from a highly quality company, call PB Battery Technical Services Ltd on
0114 283 8784
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